Thursday, June 30, 2011

I love SuperNanny

It's true. I love Supernanny.  I wish that I were not married so I could propose to her, if I lived in NY or another socially progressive state that would allow it.  It's not that I am interested  in her as a sexual being, but man oh man she is consistent, firm, funny, and warm all in a plump pudding package... she's a bit fashion-awkward and such but that's not a problem for me.  

I am troubled by my love for her though....because I sit and watch the Supernanny for hours, honestly.....while my kids do whatever it is they want to do in our play room.  I engage with the TV show, taking pointers and information that truth be told, I will never use because I know that I am a lazy parent.  I hate that about myself, but realize that while she amazes me, and has super ideas that really will help to run my life, my household and my children's schedules smoothly, that I won't ever use the advice.  I will be the parent that cries during the family meeting and will pledge to do whatever it takes to get my life and family on track, and then the.very.split.second she goes on her trip away, I will revert to my lazy bass-ackward ways of parenting.  I would sheepishly watch the DVD of shame, where she'd highlight where my husband and I did not follow the techniques in place and how we lacked and I will, honestly and truthfully, swear to continue to be better -- and I will...while she is there.  

My house is a mess, though not a hoarded mess (thank you lord!!) but I teeter on being on the brink... my kids are a mess LOL and I would love Supernanny to come and live with us and never least not until DD is in college -- i am skeered of DD and think Jo Frost could help manager her ;) with little or no violence...Jo Frost - if you are reading this, please email me at -- i might even get a divorce for you :)  

<3 RantyMom

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