Saturday, July 2, 2011

BlogDare July 1 - choosing a favorite time period to live in....

This is my first venture in the "blog dare" at Bloggy Moms...I am doing it to try to stretch a bit and learn more about myself and the craft of blogging.

The first posting "dare" (7/1) is:  If you could choose any time period to live in, what would it be

I have been thinking about this a lot today.  I am torn.  I loved the 80's (1980's) and am truly a Generation X girl....i would wear my hair big (or punky) and wear my neon and listen to pseudo-punk music and pretend to have angst in my life every day, if I could.....but I am assuming that my current person would be living in the time period, not my teen-20's not sure if that's what I'd really like as a middle-aged woman with two children who would more than likely be mortified by a pseudo punk-rock mom with safety pins thru her earlobes and frizzed up huge lacquered hair.....

So then I think of times in history that I would be comfortable in...I was born in the late 60's so I guess I understand that....but I am not a free love, flowers and peace kinda girl....the 70's were an interesting time, lots of controversy, a huge leap in liberties and political movements, but the fashion, not-so-much and the simple fact that Disco was king makes it not for me (though I do like my Disco, i don't want to LIVE in disco times....)

The early centuries, even early 20th century are not for me, as I enjoy a daily shower, and not having to smell people out on the road, in the store, in a car...I also enjoy the technology that's become available and truthfully I can't imagine living without my constant companion....the interwebz.

So, I guess that I would like to live in the CURRENT period of time. I love technology, love that clothing is available for the plus sized woman that wasn't in the eras past....and i enjoy most things about life today (short of being unemployed and struggling financially, but i think that's just part and parcel of MY life....)  So, the current time period is where I'd prefer to live......

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