Friday, June 10, 2011

Fuming Fridays -- my new project LOL

I try try try to be positive (??) -- probably the main reason my blog is called RantyMom... since i am so positive, pleasant and just a joy to behold :) and i get struck down my the reality that is my life every time.

So....for three point 5 years I had suggested, begged, requested that staff I worked with to pay their "membership fee" so we can post that "i paid my fees won't you do so too?"   I worked for a fairly large membership organization.  I was laid off due to a few reasons (my primary thought is that I am neither young nor pretty enough to represent the organization but of course that's not going to be stated...however the women hired in my stead are all below 30 and cute as buttons with NO EXPERIENCE...)

Anyway, I today I see two high level employees posting that they value their membership in our organization and they are paying their membership fees.  WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?  Every year when I paid my dues and did outreach to the staff I was told that it's not important for them to pay their membership fees, that they are OBVIOUSLY members and that they shouldn't have to pay.

WOW. I am hurt, angry, pissed and want to smash some of these people in the face right now.

I could really throw up right now.

Off to lick my wounds and do the best I can to let go of this anger. This doesn't affect the people I formerly worked affects me, makes ME unhappy, makes MY heart race and I cannot let them have this power.


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  1. stupidheads. plain and simple. you should be working with the bitch on wheels in my office for the past two weeks. she's not new but jumpin jehosephat she's crabby. talk about wanting to smash (cake) in her face ...