Tuesday, June 21, 2011

bills from my previous employer

hahahahahahah. Today I received an email from my former employer.  Yes, the group that let me go over 2 months ago to essentially find my way through the social services pool and learn the true meaning of struggling 101.  (I guess I shouldn't say that b/c I do have a home at this time, food on the table and in the pantry and TV and internet to entertain us but it's difficult to realize that when I look at the $9.00 in my bank account that if something came up, I can do NOTHING about it.  I am serious....our bank account has $9.00 in it. I get unemployment tomorrow so my hope is that my fuel purchase yesterday doesn't clear my account before the unemployment does) 

So when I receive this bill from them for a car rental that I had used during my tenure at the job, I laughed, laughed, laughed and almost wrote a scathing email that they could get in line behind the hospital and any other entity I owe money to.  But I am not going to do that since I owe the money to them for the rental.  I am going to write a letter, mail it and offer a payment plan.  The rental is more than 1/10th of my biweekly check so there's no way in hell I can pay it in full.  I am going to offer $10 a month.  If they choose not to accept then it's on them to do what they will.  I will have proof that I offered to rectify the situation in good faith and was refused.  That a larger payment will definitely take food out of my childrens' mouths and an organization devoted to the benefit of women would do something such as this.  And they still have the framed certificate of membership that belongs to me.  I should send them a bill for that!!

Losing this job was inevitable....but there was so much more lost in this transition.  I lost someone I considered one of my best friends.  She no longer even comments or chats with me.  She wouldn't have become the person she is if it weren't for me (no I didn't get her the job, but she was never in touch with the organization before this position.....I was and forwarded her the info when the opening was advertised)  What fun that is.  It would be easy if we didn't share friends IRL but we do.  Ah well, life is messy.

Anyway just wanted to put this out there before I did send the scathing email I want to send.... this helps me get off the ledge a bit!

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