Monday, June 20, 2011

Wedding drama - continued :D

As discussed on Friday, my BIL is getting married this weekend coming.  I am still without an itinerary of where my kids and dh need to be (they are all in the wedding).  The bride isn't feeling well, has a horrendous summer cold, and to top that off the stylist she went to for a trial run thoroughly upset her.  He was truly a dick, brutal to her and really doing what he could to break her down.

I didn't mention this to her, but bridal consults are not usually done less than a week before your wedding especially not with a stylist you have never seen before.  Now we are in def-con -10 to find a potential hair person and make up for the wedding...but that's not the issue.  I am trying to help as best I can (and have contacted my own stylist who will do it with no trouble but now BIL and his bride are hemming and hawing)

My current issue remains that I have no specific itinerary for the big day. I know that we have to be at the restaurant by a certain time, but beyond that there's still no level of expectation being set.  PLUS I contacted the hotel we were told we were staying in  to confirm that we would have a double room and not a king (b/c of the 2 kids) and I was told that the reservations were canceled.

<<Cue needle dragging across vinyl record noise >>

My stomach dropped a bit, since now I was going to be the bearer of not pleasant news.  I emailed FIL about the reservations (after double checking that it WAS the hotel he told me about). His response was "oh we changed hotels to XYZ"  (crickets chirping)   THE EVENT IS THIS FUCKING WEEKEND and I could almost feel me sitting in the un-airconditioned car (it broke) having a minor stroke over not knowing where the fuck I am supposed to be going/staying.   Why not forget to tell us the date has changed or the restaurant no longer allows overweight women so I am SOL?

Of course my DH is like "at least we know where we have to go now"  REALLY?  Why am I the only person who thinks this is fucked up in my family?  Am I the one who is wound SO tightly that diamonds come out if you shove a lump of coal up my butt?  I don't think that's the case but apparently somewhere in the past 13 years that I have known my IL's we have crossed dimensions and I now reside in The Twilight Zone. 

So gentle readers, people who take time out to read MY rants or perhaps make fun of the idiocy of what I call my life.....if you think I am out of line, please let me know!  Leave a comment or email me!  I would love to know that I am not crazy, or perhaps have proof that I am, indeed, over the edge ;)  

I suppose I will be back, before the week's end, with a final rant down to the blessed event ;) 


  1. You are not crazy...the people around you (sad to say) are crazy, but you are not crazy. I would have blown a friggin' gasket if I was in your shoes. But in situations like this I always ask myself, WWJD...and I don't mean Jesus, I mean my friend Joyce who is the most laid back, relaxed person I know. And Joyce in this situation would be like, "oh well, whatever, not my wedding, we will see how it turns out, all I care about is my accommodations..."

    So with that being said, I say stick to clear liquids (vodka is my choice) and enjoy the show. :P

  2. Love it! Thank you so much for the perspective. The clear liquids sounds great and now that i know where we are staying, I will stop worrying and perhaps have clear liquids the day before the wedding as well ;)

  3. But YOU are not in the wedding, albiet the fam is, so why should you have to know anything?? duh. I'm with brainless on this one - enjoy the show!!