Friday, June 3, 2011

Preschooler TV & Commercials -- reposted from old site... :)

Since I have been unemployed, I have spent a good deal of time with my daughter, DD.  She’s lovely, funny, quirky, outspoken, smart and totally fresh.  Being that DD is about 4.5, she either plays the role of my assistant during my “work” hours (job seeking and resume/connection building) and/or watching NickJr.
I’ll be honest, I wish that TV today was on the same schedule as TV when I was a child, for children at least.  There was NOTHING on TV when I w mid-day as a child other than an hour of Sesame Street followed by an hour of Electric Company and maybe a Mr. Rogers inserted here or there.  There weren’t day long cartoons or educational shows that made me learn things.  The morning cartoons were Looney Toons where a rabbit/chicken/pig/cowboy beats the crap out of another character or a cat and mouse chased each other around until one or the other is “dead”…not many life lessons since there was little chance I’d ever have an anvil dropped on me or have a date with Tom and/or Jerry….
DD has a ton of viewing opportunities. She particularly loves NickJr and some of the shows have redeeming qualities (Max & Ruby not withstanding). It’s the education that she’s getting from the commercials that I object to.
In the past few weeks, both DD and Sonny have given me some suggestions for products they think I’d like to try:
Trilastin cream to get rid of my many stretch marks
Strivectin cream to eliminate my (apparently) deep and wrinkly lines.
My BFF (best fish friend) because, well who WOULDN’T want to have a teabag full of fish larvae that will grow into these colorful friends for life (or for a few weeks until we forget to feed the things and then we have to have a fishy funeral and the dead BFF can join the plethora of dead animals just under the surface of our backyard).
Happy Nappers — in case I would need a cute, cuddly and fun pillow for nap time.
LaLaLoopsie — disturbing looking dolls that would be better suited to being called “lala corpsie”  with their button eyes and weird floppy bodies.
My concern is that in the midst of all the high-brow cerebral learning that is being piped into her mind are these jewels from society that tell her that women (and the first two items are marketed SOLELY to women) should be ashamed of the stretch marks they have, the laugh lines they earned and don’t get me started on the Schick Quattro Trim style showing all the ummmm pruning capabilities of said razor.  REALLY?
I want my girl to grow into a woman who is confident of her body, who knows that she’s a beautiful person inside and out without the need to wear makeup or change the way she looks unless it’s what SHE wants to do….
Argh ;) off to lay down with my Happy Napper and Lala Corpsie to lament my lines and unruly bikini area.  If only I had used the stretch mark cream, I might have had the opportunity to use the quattro trim style…. ;)


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