Monday, June 13, 2011

Tummy Troubles and the RantyMom Experience

I have been MIA from RantyMom for a few days.  I have been experiencing tummy trouble since my visit to social services last week.  I originally thought it might be anxiety related to having to go into the bowels (LOL) of the system....but Friday arrived and my stomach was still funky, and then Friday afternoon arrived and I thought i was feeling better so i ate some rice crackers and some cheese with DD and then all hell broke loose in my gut!  Seriously.  I felt like a flaming pole of death was being rammed through my body from the upper right side of my body through to the back sprouting little brush-fires of pain throughout its path. WHEEEE it was so much fun.

So i checked myself into the local hotel ugh, er hospital (newly renovated, LOOKS like a hotel) to be checked out.  I sat in the ER for about 8 hours but at least i was in a triage room with a TV and all that.  Nothing by mouth so I was dying of thirst as i sat there, but i felt OK since I was in a place that could help me if I was about to expire.

ER doc said she wanted me to have an MRCP (an MRI scan of the ducts of my liver and pancreas).  Said an ultrasound wouldn't show up what she suspects is the issue (a stone in my common bile duct -- happened before).  She said i needed to be admitted and the floor doc would issue the order for the MRCP.  So I was and I got the lovely liquid diet (which at that time was fine since all i wanted to do was drink something, anything).  I was in a lovely single room (they are all single rooms) and my kids and dh came to visit me for a few minutes.  They were all more interested in the view out the window from the 7th floor than in me LOL but that's ok...par for the course.  So i spent the night in a nice room, eating water ice and sipping water all delivered to me from room service (they are open until midnight btw)  with no belly trouble.  

In the morning (Sunday) the doc came in and talked to me.  He basically dismissed my thought that it might be a stone in the common bile duct, did not order the MRCP but had me go for an u/s instead.  U/S was normal so that's good i guess...but the last time I was hospitalized the U/S and liver enzymes were ALL normal until I had to come back in severe biliary colic 3 days later (the night before Thanksgiving in the US) and was hospitalized for almost 2 weeks.  Since I am not a doctor, but play one on the Internet, he disregarded my opinion and discharged me thusly (which i am glad for anyway since I can't PAY for the visit LOL)

In order to ensure that my tummy troubles are over, we had burritos and tacos last night for dinner...and i am fine.  I am almost pissed that I didn't have any pain b/c I wanted to prove the doc wrong..... how healthy is THAT?  I wanted to prove the doctor he was wrong by getting sick... makes no sense to the normal person i think....but I am far from normal and always want to be right!!!!

OK so it's sideways. I can't figure out how to set this upright, sorry!
So thinking healthy thoughts over here and waiting to get a few things done around the house and with my resume, searching for the elusive mid-life career change job.... DD is playing Cinderella right now, tip tapping around the hardwood with her powder-blue plastic her gown, tiara,....oh and red lipstick <-- that's a must for all Cinderella's today!                

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