Friday, June 3, 2011

Field Day and Young Love

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Sonny confided in me yesterday on the way to school that he has a crush…on…a girl.
The girl has brown hair and it’s long (and he likes long hair) and she’s pretty and quiet and really nice.  He proceeded to show me how long her hair is by trying to put his arm down his back.  She sometimes wears it straight and sometimes curly…and on and on and on….
And she looks at him (or so he thinks) in one of his classes.
I asked him if she looks at him b/c he’s goofy or b/c he’s cute.  He, of course, says because she must have a crush on him.
HE IS 9 YEARS OLD. I am not ready for this…crushes and heartache and love and puppy dog eyes….it seems like yesterday that he was crushing on kids he wanted to be friends with and now he is ready to pop the question to Savannah (F not B…please, there are two Savannahs and I was schooled in which one was the one)
He is such a tender hearted child…i often want to shake him and tell him to grow some ba11s…this crush might be the start of that, or at least I hope it is and he does, grow a set that is.  I love that he is sensitive and loving, but the world isn’t always a place that tolerates that sensitivity outwardly and unfortunately he has to live in the world that is before him, not the one I wish he could live in.
Mean? probably….but realistic, unlike, IMO the parents who are raising their gender neutral “it” baby by not allowing anyone to know the child’s sex.  Some day they will face the wrath of a very confused child who doesn’t know how it fits into the world that is divided, though not always clearly, by gender roles and mores.  It’s not right, but IMO it is reality.
So… off to find something else to rant about.
<3 rantymom :)

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