Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Interviews...i am getting interviews!

Ranting about being a mom is a good way to pass my time, but truthfully I need to find a stinking job b/c no money and health insurance really truly sucks.  So every day, as you have heard me rant, I am seeking a job in higher education, hopefully in foundations, fundraising or membership support.

My job-search life is one of feast or famine....i either send out eleventy-million resumes and get NO CALLS or I send out a few and get calls within a day or two.  The past 10 days feels like feast v. famine at this point. I had a telephone interview last week for a foundation position at the main campus of the university *I* graduated from. Tomorrow (Wednesday July 20) I have a telephone interview for a foundation position at my FIL's alma mater.  Not the actual school he graduated from, but part of the larger school system.  He rec'd his Bachelor's and Master's degrees there.

So my rant today is that I emailed FIL to tell him that I have this phone interview tomorrow with the school of law and asking if he knows anyone at the law school or donors that graduated with their JD from that law school so that I can find a way to leverage an actual in-person interview.

Recall that I am married to his son who has not worked for over two years and isn't really looking for a job.  I am the mother and essentially sole support to his only grandchildren and well, i expect at least some level of heart-felt emotional support.  (Can you tell that I have tapered down on my zoloft and am starting a new SSRI???)

This was his response to my email:  Don’t know anyone there.  I’m an alum of the school of business.  Best of luck.

This honest to god pisses me off. PISSES ME OFF all caps ....  pisses me the fuck off.  This man supports us in a lot of ways, especially financially; however, I would have thought a response might be a tad bit more like "oh great news....let me check my contacts to see if I do know anyone who's a XYZ Law school graduate"

I am cogent enough to realize that I am going off a little bit here, but if  I don't type it here, my poor kids will get it b/c, well, i am weaning off Zoloft and everything every.little.thing is pissing me off.  My kids, noise, the tv, my effing gums hurt .... i am getting odd dizzy spells and hot flashes.  FUCK !!  I have to spend most of the day away from everyone b/c really and truly i am on the edge.

So that's it, i am ranting here so i don't rant at home, loudly, and end up with crying children and an angry hubby who will all be tap dancing on the one frayed and sparking nerve I have left.

Please zoloft leave my body and please celexa help me soon!  :D

Happy ranting. On the good side, I have a phone interview tomorrow and an in person interview at my own alma mater on August 3!!

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