Saturday, July 2, 2011

BlogDare July 2 - Food I cannot live without?? NOODLES

Noodles, pasta, LOMEIN, spaghEtti, RigaTONI, NOODLES Noodles, noodleS!!!!  Do i have to type it out again?   I like noodles with butter, noodles with sauce, italian, asian, plain ol' american.  My favorite restaurant when I am traveling?  NOODLES....too bad they don't have one in New Jersey or I'd visit it weekly for a noodle fix.   Noodles is one of the few foods that my family can agree upon, even if the toppings differ....i know that my children will eat.  I know that if we eat out my kids can eat plain pasta or noodles with butter, at a chinese restaurant or buffet, my very picky eater DD can choose lo mein noodles with soy sauce (and ONLY soy sauce)....

Have a few ramen packs?  I can make a super meal out of can even use noodles/pasta/ whatever in desserts of one sort or another.  I can add noodles to any soup or broth to make it heartier and add some body!  Noodles stir fried with veggies and some tofu can be a quick and healthy meal....Noodles can be used to entertain vegans, vegetarians and the typical omnivore all at the same time with very little effort!

So, noodles and pasta products are the one thing that I could not live without!!!!!!!!!!!

Bon Apetit!

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