Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why is EVERYTHING a surprise?

We all know that common sense isn't really as common as it should be.  I am amazed though at the fact that my significant other apparently has complete retrograde amnesia. he apparently wakes up and forgets items I have sent him, told him, or asked him to research for information.

Case in point:  We have been lucky enough to get a newer car from his dad, so I am selling our used jeep to a place in a city about half an hour from us.  I sent dh the information, told him about the appointment and all that.  After I showered today i asked dh if he was going to shower.  He was dumbfounded I went over the following info:

1) I am going to sell the car that I am driving to the place.  That would be an awfully long walk home, since I am selling our car to this company...which in the normal person's mind means we have to take TWO cars.
2) When I mentioned (again) that it's in Smith City, he was like "oh all the way up there"  NO, knob, I am making them open an outlet next door to our house so we don't have to drive the full 15 miles to Smith City.  REALLY   are you truly dumber than a box of boogers and just as useful??  I mean honestly...come the eff on!
3) He is mad at me b/c I was snarky when responding.  Again, the question of why I second guess him is in play. He must really forget that he is the same person who drove off-road and got a 4x4 Jeep stuck in a mud hole, and he's the same person who thought it best to shower before he call a job opportunity back (at 4:30 at night)... so go ahead be mad...i'd love it if he would prove me wrong

but he won't... :(

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