Friday, August 5, 2011

why do i let it annoy me?

When I think of how I tend to complain, i recall a commercial created by Perdue about its oven stuffer roaster in 1985.  The song is perfect for my mood...and i substitute the word "bitch" for pick... bitch, bitch bitch, bitch bitch bitch.
That being said, here I am knowing i am a ranty mcbitcherson but I just cannot stop myself.  I am just full of bitchy goodness almost like a weird oreo cookie or jelly donut LOL.  
Tomorrow is furniture transfer day. My IL's are transferring their furniture to both my BIL and our house.  We are definitly lucking out in this endeavor as we will have a new to us furniture set in our basement that is very cool and a truly excellent living room set for our sunroom...we will have three large seating groups in our home. LOL good news right?  I am just waiting for the people who are taking the basement couch and loveseat to pick it up, then we have to clear out the existing seating from our sunroom, scrub the floor and area and put the new bound carpet remnant down in preparation for tomorrow.  So what in the world do I have to bitch about right?  We are also getting a newer queen bed, a double/full mattress for our son's bottom bunk which will be a welcome change from the futon mattress that allows you to feel every.single. slat in the bottom... but i am troubled.  Why you ask?  BECAUSE my dh, love of my life, keeps telling me to relax.  WHAT THE HELL? Your parents already judge us b/c we are messy sloppy people who live a cluttered life.  And our house in areas that the furniture currently covers, is more than's dusty and dirty and just YUCK.  So yes, i am stressed about it.  Add to that the fact that my FIL is now forwarding me job hunting tips and giving me information on how to survive the job search and I want to shoot him in the fucking foot.  I know he's being thoughtful but I am doing every.single.thing he sends me, before he sends it to me.  I am getting at least an average of an interview - phone or in person, per week (though admittedly no job offers :(((() so I am doing something right, just not sure what I am doing wrong.

Anyway, just wanted to pick, er, bitch.  I do know we are blessed. I have healthy kids, TG, we have gotten no-cost healthcare for our kids, our AC works and we have more than enough food in the pantry and love to go around  We have people who do care for us and family and friends to share good and bad times with.  

A friend of mine posted on FB yesterday about perspective and I am working on turning my perspective around, trying to treasure the good in our lives and not always lament the not so good.....argh!  

Happy friday people and hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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