Monday, August 1, 2011

effing idiot

my husband had to go to a cubscout thing today.  They were to meet at a local township school.  For some reason this FUCKING IDIOT thought it might be a good idea to follow our tomtom down a non-paved road.  Only when the fucking wheels of the 4 BY GOD DAMNED 4  jeep are totally stuck w/ the body of the truck caught on a plateau.  What a goddamned asshole REALLY???? who does this shit? With a 9 year old in the fucking car.  Our other car is not inspected nor registered b/c everything on it is going down the tubes.

So of course I had to drive out, with shovels.  The entire scout pack's parents started digging the car out and NOTHING....FML.  Went home with DH having  a nervous breakdown in the car, he took a shower, kids showered and I made dinner, and started calling around to places to get a tow truck out.  Got no answer at most places and those that did answer only have flat beds.  le I went to bed to start round two of phone calls in the morning.

Monday morning -- found a place to tow the car (mind you, I am not the person who drove the jeep into a hole.) The price is one that will not overdraw my account so that's good.  Went out to meet the guy (all of us in the unregistered, un-air-conditioned car) and he towed it.  Tow Truck guy was super nice, only charged me the bottom price he quoted us, so that's good.

We found your boat
Now we are home again, luckily, with both cars.  One covered in mud of course but the winner of a husband will wash that off later today "once it's cooler outside"  I am showered and in a snit now b/c he's getting his feelings hurt by the other cub scout dads who are teasing him.  He feels like they are picking on him BOO FRICKING HOOO. really?  you are supposed to be a grown assed man. These guys work all day and then come out to take their kids to cub scouting events. The scout master sent this picture. LOL but it hurt my dh's feelings.  Then he starts talking about how they (two of the scout masters) pick on him and he's starting to get pissed off.  REALLY?  I cannot begin to tell him why people might pick on him. He wanders around oblivious to the fact that he has not worked for over 2 years, has made 0 effort to find a job...i struggle every single day to find employment that will support us, and allow some perks back into our life.  *I* am the one who calls his dad when we need something, *I* am the one who calls to get things fixed or replaced or removed. WHAT is wrong with this picture?  I am so mad right now I could spit, and he wonders why I second guess him when he makes decisions.  really? He could ask that with a fucking straight face.  oh my god, i joked about burying him back where the jeep was.  It was only half a joke, and only half b/c I would not do anything that might leave my children without either parent.

sigh.  /end rant

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  1. lmao - i hope you've calmed down by now. i, for one, enjoy knowing that there is someone else around that gets in snits and could spit because they're so mad. generally, my reasons are far less important than yours were for this rant but i enjoyed it nonetheless. sorry to be the one to tell you. :-) xoxo